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Bozena Kraj: In Nature’s Footsteps with Project Based Learning

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland Project Based Learning connected with botany seems to be a kind of a school adventure, which opens our eyes to what is around us, or let us discover even what is hidden deep inside the school world of science: unrecognizable beauty of biological phenomena. We cannot experience that without great emotions of joy, and such moments stay in our memory forever. I cannot refrain myself from quoting Sir Joseph Paxton, a British MP, a gardener and an architect who wrote “If we range through the whole territory of nature […], we shall not find a more refined or purer source of amusement, or a more interesting and unfailing subject for recreation, than that which the observation and examination of the structure, affinities, and habits of plants afford. “


Karina Batat: Office 365- Our Way of Life

by Karina Batat Expert Educator Columnist, Israel In the previous post, I shared with you how we got to the idea of integrating Office 365 as our virtual learning environment, the benefits and the way we’ve chosen to implement the environment in school. In this post, we will talk about virtual learning environments in Office 365. We will see how they promote meaningful learning and many 21-Century learning skills. From my experience VLE motivate teachers and students, as well. In my school, I developed our first VLE in Office 365 for my Global Project: “Trees Please!” and started to work on it with Lea Tziofiof, the Science teacher. Lea got very enthusiastic with it and started to share her success with other teachers at the teachers’ room. Today students learn in VLE in almost all subjects. Recently, because of implementing a virtual environment (in Office 365) as “our way of life”, the learning process is done in two layers complementary: the first one in the classroom and the second, and the newest, the virtual one.

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Julius Reyes: CineMATHLaya- A Fusion of Cinema, Mathematics and Freedom

By Julius Reyes Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines “Mathematics?” …. “Who cares?:” …. “Not that, it’s so difficult.” ….”Not my type!” …..”Can I have something else?” These were the few thoughts I’ve heard even when I was in elementary. Mathematics became a nightmare to almost school children and even adults too during their schooling years. But how can we live a life without loving it and embracing it. There is nothing to fear about learning Mathematics. But, how we can break the stigma about it?


Bozena Kraj: Project Based Learning and Curiosity – Practice Makes Perfect

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland As a Polish teacher working for a school, which is called a gymnasium (students are 13 -16 years old), I really appreciate Project Based Learning. A few years ago, obligatory school educational projects were introduced to secondary schools in my country. The educational rule says a student has to do at least one registered project during his/her three years at gymnasium; however, it seems that what is obligatory does not look as attractive as a project which is voluntary. Is it controversial to repeat after Confucius “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire?” How do we make our students understand that school-imposed activities can bear good fruit? Our autonomous students have freedom to choose what their project is about – it is a decisive moment when their attitude towards new challenges becomes enthusiastic. Moreover, since 2008 my students and I have been working on eTwinning projects which connect schools, teachers and students from Europe, Africa, Asia to collaborate using ICT, educate with ICT, integrate …


Sukmawati Rahmad: Project Based Learning- Evaluation and Improvement

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Many teachers are still confused conducting Project Based Learning (PBL) in class. Many questions are asked? What is PBL? What materials or core competencies can run PBL? What should be prepared for running PBL? Is the time enough for running PBL in school? How do students get involved in PBL? What activities are in PBL? Actually, those questions had been my questions before I tried PBL myself. I applied PBL for the first time just by following my understanding.  I chose one of the core competencies from the curriculum in which I can ask my students to make a product. Then, I compared the PBL that I did with the teaching method that I usually use.  I found there was no difference. I thought there was something wrong with my understanding. Then, I discussed it with my colleague from another school in English teacher forum. The discussion clarifies some of my misunderstandings about the PBL. She said that students can decide themselves the problem they want to discuss by observing the problem …


Erliza Matacot: My Journey as a Teacher With Microsoft and Project-Based Learning

By Erliza Matacot Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines Change is constant. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “We must be the change we want to see in this world.” As a teacher, I know that I can make a difference in bringing my 21st century students in the right path of embracing the technology. During the first year of my teaching in a private school, I noticed how dedicated I was as a teacher. I directed musical plays, I trained my students in different school level competitions, and also managed our campus journalism. After five years of serving in a private school, I needed to accept the new challenge for me as a teacher… and that is to serve public school students.