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School Snapshot: Landesschule Pforta, Germany

School: Landesschule Pforta Location: Naumburg, Germany Type of School: Government Levels of Schooling: Secondary, Boarding School, Special Gifted Students Number of Students: 300 Number of Teachers: 43 Number of Classrooms: 28 Website: MIE Experts: 1.) Thomas Dahnke, Expert Educator 2014 and MIE Expert 2015, STEM; 2.) Frank Kisser, Expert Educator 2015, English and History; 3.) Frauke Amberg, Expert Educator 2015, English, Spain and Russian How is learning supported in and out of the classroom? The learning is supported in and outside the classroom through good educational ideas, concepts and projects. Engineering and technologies allow a more or less good implementation. Projects will only be successful by the teacher and his didactic and methodological skills!


School Snapshot: Daegu Joongang Middle School

School: Daegu Joongang Middle School Location: Daegu, Korea (Metropolitan) Type of School: Private Levels of Schooling: Secondary Number of Students: 508 Number of Teachers: 41 Number of Classrooms: 18 Website: MIE Expert: Mr. Yong Jin Lee (15 Years of Teaching, Ethics Education & Computer Training How is technology used to create conditions for 21st century learning to occur? Using Office 365, Powerpoint, Excel and Onenote in classes and the Principal will try to support excellent classes for his students. It has been a positive result using the Microsoft systems to make more effective collaboration possible among students, teachers and the school community.