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Scott Bricker: Coach’s Corner- Learning to Change

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA Three weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, a ridiculously adorable little boy named Carter. As his Father I am admittedly incredibly biased in my opinion but, never the less, his arrival got us thinking. Over the first few days of his life, while dodging tears, sleepless nights and all kinds of laughs at his adorable facial expressions, we have had some great conversations about this ever-changing world into which Carter has entered, which is clearly so different than anything we have ever known as students or educators. While Carter definitely has a few years before he has to worry about getting good grades and preparing for his future, the idea that his world experience could not be more different than ours has been, will just not exit my mind. Consequently, I am led to one very important question I feel must be answered in order for this Ed Tech revolution we are all leading to reach a successful conclusion: How do …


Scott Bricker: The Coach’s Corner- OneNote, My Match Made in Education Heaven!

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA With the creation of one simple program, Microsoft has helped me save a small forest! In my nearly 20+ years as a Teacher, Basketball Coach, Life Coach and Student, I was the self-proclaimed “Notepad Guy.” You know, the person that carries around one or more 8.5 x 11 inch notepads, with those adorable, equally spaced lines for me to take meticulously organized notes on the meeting, or doodle randomly when I get distracted. It was so great to be able to flip back and forth between the pages weeks on down the road, and when I was done, I could just add the notepad to the stack in the back corner of my office while I watched that pile grow to be a gigantic eye sore in my office.


Scott Bricker: The Coach’s Corner- Communication in the 21st Century

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA Over the course of the past two weeks, as I enjoyed some much needed down time and even a few days away from my computer, I have been very aware of how nice it was to not feel so “connected” as when school is in session and my every minute is consumed in front of my computer, working with a student on their computer, or talking about computers with teachers and staff around campus. My personal and professional worlds are so different than ever before but it is time to get back to the new reality we face in Educational Technology. There is no doubt that technology is rapidly changing the landscape of our classrooms and the many ways in which our students learn. Given that One-to-One Programs and other similar ventures have students staring at a computer or tablet screen for as many as several hours a day, I must admit to having some pretty serious concerns about how my students will learn and communicate with each …


Scott Bricker: The Coach’s Corner

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA The more years that pass, the more I am aware of just how sincerely I want to belong and have a purpose in everything I do in my life. The irony of this awareness is that, as I approach my 40th birthday in early 2015 while also wrapping up my 16th year in education, my strong desire to belong hasn’t changed much from my days as a K-12 student, when I was slightly more idealistic and admittedly much more willing to let others take control of situations than I am today. Back then it was about who I joined on the playground, what group I followed to the lunch tables and who I could talk into being my date to Homecoming. Along with my entire circle of friends, I just wanted to find common interests with people who, at the end of the day, helped to put a smile on my face and kept me laughing, knowing that we all meant something to each other and each had …