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Scott Wieprecht: Opening an Office 365 Account? It’s Not That Hard!

by Scott Wieprecht Expert Educator Columnist, UK Opening an Office 365 account for your school may seem like a daunting task, when in reality it is a fairly straight forward procedure. There are countess guides on how to start the technical side of things out there, so I won’t be looking at this in as much detail. Instead I will be talking about the key things to set right when starting out, to make sure your installation runs smoothly into the future. Firstly, you obviously need to open your account. At this point you will be asked for two key pieces of information – the details of your admin email address, and the ‘friendly name’ you will use, which is “friendlyname” In terms of the email address it is key to ensure that this is an email address that the school has access to if you were to leave, as this can become a huge problem later down the line if suddenly no one can access the admin area. Secondly, make sure you get the …


Scott Wieprecht- Office 365: Blast Off

by Scott Wieprecht Expert Educator Columnist, UK So, you’ve heard about Office 365, you think your school could possibly benefit from it, but how do you know, how can you be sure, and more importantly, how do you go about finding out? The first thing is it’s free! As the pressure around schools financially increases, making the right decision about software and service purchases can seem like a burden too big to bare – that’s not the case with Office 365. You can freely sign up, have a play around, and confirm it’s right for you – although I promise it is, even in its most basic use. How do I know? Because of Outlook. It doesn’t matter how good a school network is, or how much ‘redundancy’ your school computer geeks tell you they have; at some point, sometime, your email will go down. Only when that happens do you realize quite how crucial email is to you, and how difficult things become without it.


Scott Wieprecht: Office 365, The Final Frontier

by Scott Wieprecht MIE Fellow, Expert Educator Columnist UK Office 365, like several other things, seems to be a ‘buzzword’ you can’t escape from these days. Whether you are working for a company, buying a new PC offering a free 12 month account, or visiting an educational blog, Office 365 has a big profile. Often, I find much more delight in finding hidden gems then opting for the most overt solution – however, with Office 365, I make an exception. There is a good reason why this solution get the publicity it does – because it is amazing, and there is nothing quite like it (despite the painful comparisons to other solutions).