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School Snapshot: Tuzla Doga College, Turkey

This is the first in a series of weekly “School Snapshots,” where we will give you a peek into innovative schools and classrooms from around the world. A classroom is an insightful look into what the life of a student looks like in different corners of the world. It’s a reflection of the educational beliefs, initiatives, and different levels of technological innovation present at these institutions that nurture the hearts and minds of each country’s future citizens. These Showcase Schools represent exemplary use of technology in education– we hope you are inspired by their innovation, fascinated by their stories, and will learn something from this journey around classrooms of the world we will be taking on What’s Fresh.   School: Duzla Doga College

Mark with MIE Expert 2015 Sheree Bennett from Immanuel College

Innovation Hunter: Sparvell on Assignment in Asia

by Mark Sparvell School Leaders Program Director, Microsoft in Education Hi everyone, Mark Sparvell on assignment here in Australia. I am visiting some inspiring #ShowcaseSchools and innovative Expert Educators across 4 Australian States on my way to Singapore where I will be celebrating the Asia Pacific Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and the Showcase School leaders just before the incredible BETT ASIA event. I’d love to share with you some of the learning insights along my road trip.