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Tammy Dunbar: Sharing Test-Taking Tips With Sway!

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA One year when I was teaching a First Grade class and we were nearing the end of our week-long standardized testing, one little student was so stressed out that he wrote an inappropriate word on his testing booklet. When I showed it to my principal, she sighed and said, “At least he spelled it right.” No one enjoys standardized testing. Not students. Not teachers. Not administrators. Is that a number two pencil? Did the students bubble things in clearly? Did they put the right answer with the right numbered question? Erase those stray marks, please! The new Common Core-aligned Smarter Balanced Assessment is administered online, which brings a whole new set of difficulties and challenges. Wait! The volume isn’t working. Did you turn it up before entering the secure browser? What’s that flashing on my screen? My screen went blank in the middle of my test! What do I do now? But we know testing – in some form – is necessary, and we know we must do …


Tammy Dunbar: Have You Tried App-Smashing?

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA The choice was easy: either take a bucket of cold water to the head (for which I would definitely be holding my breath) or create a video response that might be breathtaking. For many years, I have enjoyed trying different ways to combine creations from various digital applications and software and put them together to make memorable presentations. This ALS Ice Water Challenge was my chance to do some real app-smashing. App-smashing is combining content from a variety of apps and software to create something both visually engaging and exciting. How much more interesting is a presentation when it includes elements like specialized graphic art or humorous video clips? (Or Mrs. Dunbar doing her best Betsy Ross impression?) App-smashing requires creatvitiy and problem-solving skills in order to figure out a place where all your creations can come together. And best of all, app-smashing can be done across platforms. Back in the early days of home computing, working across platforms was not easy. I can still remember the thrill …


Marija Petreska: Last Minute Microsoft Love

 by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia I know it is the very last minute for Valentine’s Day classroom tips and ideas, but Friday is always reserved for me and I could not but share my love for Microsoft. Shall we start! I’ll go by favorites, so my first activity will naturally be of PowerPoint. Sorry OneNote and Office Mix you can never beat first love. 1. PowerPoint It is more than obvious that I’ll suggest creating Valentine’s cards in PowerPoint but not so obvious what to do with them. Why not make it with a hidden secret message for the receiver. Many were interested of augmented reality on the Heroes of the OneNote Based Teaching call. And here is a how to step by step guide for creating Valentine’s Day cards and overlay them with some augmented reality. It is still minus one in Macedonia so most of our cards are wintry


Tammy Dunbar: Can I Sway You to Blog?

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA Outdoor School (aka Science Camp) is an amazing experience for students in the fifth and sixth grades: hiking along redwood trails with banana slugs or tide pools with colorful sea anemones, learning about precious ecosystems, practicing teamwork in cabin groups and singing joyful campfire songs for five whole days. But the hardest part about convincing parents their students should participate in this incredible life-changing experience is the fact their students are gone for five whole days. One great solution to making parents comfortable enough to allow their students to attend Outdoor School is for the teacher going with the students to blog from camp. Most Outdoor Schools have wireless internet available (at least in the administration cabin), so all a teacher has to do is bring a camera and a computer (or just a smart phone) and spend a little time after lights out to post their blog and pictures. We just returned from five incredible days at San Joaquin Outdoor School in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains …


Marija Petreska: Dear Reader- I Won!

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia And here is why: 1. Round Up the Usual Suspects Aim: past simple and past continuous Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate Time: 15-20 minutes Preparation: Create collaborative OneNote Detective book, download Camscanner and Toca Hair Salon Me or this wWindows 8 Toca Salon app Create a OneNote collaborative detective notebook. Have a section for each criminal case you are about to investigate and a different page for each witness questioned signed by all the detectives working on the case. Use Camscanner for attaching digital signatures on the official reports.Divide the students into pairs. Assign roles of police officers and witnesses. Brainstorm yes/no questions for the witnesses. Have students practice asking and answering questions in pairs. Was the thief tall?Were his clothes formal?Use OneNote to leave audio notes of the interrogation. Once the students finish the audience have them create an image of the suspect and attach it to the page. The suspect wore a wig and accessories so he/she wouldn’t be recognized, so I suggest Toca Hair Salon Me for …


Teacher Marija: Mix a Tube and Sway It!

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia Another Sway feature I simply adore alongside with Swaying tweets is Swaying YouTube videos. And I devote this blog post on tips and ideas how to mix some video lessons and sway them. 1. Lip Sync There are a few short animated fims that I’ve been dying to share and just thought of how to create lesson plans with them. I’ll start with with Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. [youtube] Not a very pleasant bedtime story, right? But why not make it a more cheerful one? Why not synchronize it with your students’ voices and make it a so they lived happily ever after story? Why not rewrite the script? Here is my idea: every student writes  his own version of the story, adds his own lines for the granny and lip syncs the film, naturally using hoarse granny voice. Synchronization would have been a tiresome task if it weren’t for Office Mix. Have you tried the screen casting feature, yet? If you played the video with a …

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Marija Petreska: Swaying Tweets

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Republic of Macedonia So that your classroom is fully twitterized and your tweets are Swayed into a story, make sure all your students create twitter accounts. Be careful twitter is not for students under 13, so I suggest informing parents and school authorities before you start and an official consent on both sides is advisable. I’m an English language teacher so my ideas will go in that direction, but I’m sure you can all find something interesting, or that my ideas might grow into new ones you can use. 1. This first idea comes from a book called Meet the Marks This is an amazing way to teach punctuation. Encourage students to become any punctuation mark for a moment. They are to write short 140 character stories about who they are and what they do. Make sure you think of a hashtag name like #wethemarks and use it in every tweet. That will help you search the short stories in Sway and put them chronologically on your We the …

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Ruby KL Huang: It’s in the Sway you say it!

Steve Martin, Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand- In my first blog entitled ‘There are no rainbows without rain’ I outlined the intention of sharing the story of a group of teachers within the Science Department who are building success through technology. What follows is an inspiring article written by Ruby Huang, a second year teacher who is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert at Howick College. The Conjugation of Sway: I Sway, You Sway, He Sways, She Sways, They Sway, We Sway By Ruby KL Huang Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand “Hey, have you seen the latest Microsoft programme called Sway?” “Sway? No, but it does sound fancy though, what is it?” This simple conversation would be the start to my obsession with Microsoft Sway. Through a bit of clicking and trial and error, I managed to discover the effortlessness of creatively designing a webpage presentation. When asked a few days later to present on the topic of “Collaboration” to my colleagues at work, I decided that I must show them the amazing capabilities of …

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Àngels Soriano: Student Voice- Technology for Participation and Empowerment

The contact our students are having with technology is increasingly done at younger ages. Even our daily habits are linked to the use of technology. It is clear that the classroom can’t be out of this world and has incorporated information technology and communication in the day. A second step was to use this technology for our students to construct their own knowledge, that create content where tools like OneNote obtained an exceptional role in the ability to adapt to the needs you want to raise students.


Tammy Dunbar: The Gift of Time

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA ‘Tis the season when everyone is looking for the perfect present. Wherever you turn, there are gift ideas for outdoors folks, gourmet cooks, book lovers, animal fans and, of course, tech people. In our interconnected and fast-paced world, it’s easy to point, click and order something that can be delivered right to someone’s front door. But, if you listen to Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, the best gift comes without ribbons, it comes without tags, it comes without packages, boxes or bags! The best gift for anyone on your list is the gift of time. Our students need time to think, to create, to question, to explore. Technology allows us to differentiate our instruction so that students can focus on their personal learning needs. One student may be creating a great presentation on PowerPoint using Office Mix while another is still searching for the just the right resources to copy into their OneNote. When we allow students the time to work at their own pace, we can more easily focus …