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Tasha Candela: Have a Chat Through Remind!

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist. USA Our main office looks like a Salvation Army store.  It is loaded with everything from coats, hats, sneakers, ipods, necklaces, and binders.  Students walk by, on a regular basis, and do not bother sorting through the overflowing mess of stuff to locate their missing items. I am not sure if they do not believe their goods are in the heap or if they simply do not feel like digging, but the mountain grows every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to send a text to an individual student to notify him or her of a forgotten personal item?  That way, the student would have some relief and the teacher would not have to add the item to the lost and found.


Tasha Candela: Presenting at a Conference- You Can Do It!

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA Have you ever thought about speaking at a conference? I have always had confidence issues so that thought would have never crossed my mind. I love sharing my knowledge with others, but in a small setting. The fewer audience members, the better. As I continued to attend conferences, I learned that I could add value. I watched others engage learners by demonstrating the latest technology tools and teaching techniques. Some presenters were more poised and knowledgeable than others, but all were there because they had a passion for their topic. As teachers, we are innately selfless. We want to improve our own practices while sharing the lessons that make our classrooms successful. Presenters are catalysts for growth in learning. They can be the spark that encourages your most difficult student to complete their first assignment. They can share a different way of teaching an English classic or mathematics problem that totally revolutionizes your students understanding and attitude about the subject matter. Moreover, they could become part of your …


Tasha Candela: Five Website Recommendations

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA As part of my role as an Instructional Technology Coordinator, I share cool technology tools with staff members. With a short description and video tutorial for each tool, I help others feel empowered by the many free ways to engage our students and learn ourselves. Please consider or continue using them within your own classroom. Remind / If you were to ask me what my favorite app is, I would answer with Remind. Remind is essentially a free text messaging service. It allows teachers to interact with students in a safe, secure way. Once you setup your classes, you can schedule reminders, attach documents, and connect with individuals. As part of their Teacher Advisory Board, I get to test new features and provide feedback on an ongoing basis. According to their website, 1 in 5 teachers in the U.S. use Remind so apparently I am not the only Remind fanatic!


Tasha Candela: Warning- Technology Showcase Provides Extreme Bliss. Learning Electrocution May Result

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA In 2011, I had the honor of participating in Microsoft’s Innovative Educator’s Forum (IEF). In order to partake, I applied to the program by outlining a class project which incorporated the use of technologies. My project began with the idea to create electronic portfolios in a ninth-grade required class called Career/Technology Foundations. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for the world of work. Electronic portfolios were a natural fit. They provide evidence of attitudes, abilities, experiences, growth, and achievements. Moreover, electronic portfolios are an excellent way of showing off technology aptitudes, a necessary skill for the 21st century learner. To begin the process of creating electronic portfolios, students were introduced to Weebly. Weebly is a free, easy-to-use website creator. With its drag-and-drop interface, user-friendly tools, and ability to personalize pages, students quickly became Weebly enthusiasts. Six separate, professional pages were required. While this project will not guarantee employment, it certainly will provide them with a competitive edge and a boost in self-concept. Sharing the …


Tasha Candela: 2014 Web Design Competition

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA Prior to the 2010-11 school year, I did not know the Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT) existed.  It was my technology director, Fran Hubert, who sent a web design contest flyer to my inbox.  Hundreds of professional development opportunities and contests grace my desk annually.  This one was no different.  And it certainly was not printed on neon paper adorned with glitter flecks.  But web design is my favorite class to teach so I jumped at this chance.  It was a choice that I will never forget. It is not the contest itself that fills my heart with admiration for MCWT.  It is the countless volunteers who sacrifice family and work time to provide these teenagers with an authentic learning opportunity.  The professionals at MCWT truly love giving back to others and their generosity is displayed through both their words and works.  They have collected technology volunteers from widely known technology companies to grade student websites.  They have offered job shadowing experience and internship opportunities.  They …


Tasha Candela: Tiggerific Technology Tips

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA Since sixth grade, when dialup Internet became a novelty, I simultaneously became a computer geek. Countless hours have been spent using search engines to locate information, communicating on Internet Relay Chat, and navigating rivers and fighting off thieves on the Oregon Trail. Fast forward to today where I am reading hundreds of online articles per week, networking with people across the globe on Twitter and Facebook, and using a slingshot to fling animals into various structures in Angry Birds. The types of activities that have preoccupied me have adjusted little. The real change has been the access time. Thank God for high-speed Internet. After taking several computer classes in high school, I decided that a career as a business teacher would be the perfect fit.