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Marija Petreska- Introducing My Column!

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia My column will be all about sharing tips, ideas and examples of how we use Windows 8 apps in our classroom. You are about to taste an amazing story of how I transformed a tech free classroom games into tech spiced activities. Just to make it clearer I’ll give you a sniff of what it will smell like Have you ever done a miming game? It’s super fun, right? But haven’t you been in a situation where a student keeps on miming and no one can guess what he is doing? And they get so bored that they suggest playing something else. Well, I found a quick solution to this. How about using Vine for playing a mime game? They won’t be obliged to do the same mime over and over again, you just tap on the screen to record and share it with the class via Edmodo. They can guess as much as they like and keep on guessing when they get home. The best part is …