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Diah Fakhmawati: Designing Offline Webquest Using Powerpoint

by Diah Fakhmawati Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Internet for language learning provides many benefits such as providing intrinsic motivation to students, giving authentic material resources, and improving reading and writing skills. One of language learning program utilizing internet is WebQuest. Webquest is mini-projects in which a large percentage of the input and material is supplied from the internet. It is an inquiry lesson plan that requires students to express, apply, and present information which they obtain from internet. Webquest is potential for second language learning because as a pedagogical strategy, it provides the students a chance to use the target language in form of reading web pages which can develop students critical thinking and writing production of task. Webquests is related to task-based learning, as the students have to deal with amount of specific information on the web and perform a task. The task is a piece of classroom work which involves learners in comprehending, manipulating, producing or interacting in the target language. In frame of task-based learning, webquest offers chances to students to learn …