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Angels Soriano: Creativity & OneNote- Tracking the Creative Process


by Angels Soriano
Expert Educator Columnist, Spain

Many of us use OneNote to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and self-regulation when it comes to projects, or even to promote creativity in students learning. The most beautiful word is creativity… Creativity at school that Sir Ken Robinson tells us about (which envy who has been able to listen to him live, must be pure energy!).

During these last two months (December and January) in my language and literature class, we have been evaluating the reading process: We could have made an oral presentation, or a small essay on the opinion that they expressed their book, but why not go one step further and encourage them to make a video overview (book trailer) as an element of creating content from reading?. In this way we could develop different skills such as creativity, collaborative work and the use of ICTs; offering them the possibility to demonstrate their participation and the empowerment of their learning.

Sharing OneNote through Office365 platform enables students to work autonomously through different phases of the project after reading the book. Thus, we can find a tab where students show the script of the future book trailer, the second phase was the preparation of an initial PowerPoint, and the third phase was the accomplished book trailer, all using OneNote to get different parts of the process in one place (the cloud!) and from any device.

OneNote is a versatile tool for the monitoring and evaluation of our students, performing their tasks with the OneNote Class Notebook Creator that offers us the possibility of creating OneNote with non-editable sections, and others where the students can see their own progress. Using OneNote as teachers can, not only as a notebook of evaluation, sharing schedules with other teachers from the Centre or other colleges, projects between different Schools. As teachers OneNote offers the possibility to be creative… why not share an OneNote for the shopping list? Creativity is in the air.

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